Qatargate: transparency and integrity win an important battle in the European Parliament



Today, in plenary, the European Parliament adopted amendments to its internal rules to improve our transparency and integrity standards. The implementation of these 14 points is a welcome and essential step forward for transparency, integrity, independence and accountability in our House. For the start, Renew Europe has played a decisive role in achieving a compromise between the pro-European groups, while guaranteeing the ambition of the reform measures.

The publication of the appointments of all MEPs (and not just those with an "active role"), the obligation for elected members of the European Parliament to declare their assets at the beginning and end of their term reinforce transparency. However, we regret the missed opportunity to strengthen the Advisory Committee.

Gilles Boyer (Horizons, France), Renew Europe shadow rapporteur on this file, said:

"After the close vote in committee last week, today's victory will, I hope, help us to embark together on the road to restoring the confidence of our fellow citizens in our institutions after the profound damage caused by Qatargate. This is only the first step, but this result is an essential one. Much remains to be done for transparency, during this mandate and the one that will begin after the European elections. Transparency does not threaten elected representatives, it strengthens our democracy."


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