Parliament sends a clear message: There is no Planet B!



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Members of the European Parliament have voted today on two important resolutions highlighting the critical necessity to find common solutions to the unfolding climate crisis. Renew Europe wants to see the EU acting as a climate leader, achieving a climate neutral economy by 2050 at the latest, as the long-term objective. It also takes place before the European Commission starts next week, with, as a top priority, the Green deal to move towards carbon neutrality by 2050, which is also a program of economic and industrial transformation.

Renew Europe wants to see the EU acting as a climate leader, investing in its economy and skills transforming this challenge into opportunities for growth and jobs, in particular for our youth.

The first resolution defines the position of the European Parliament in view of the COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid, addressing the main agenda items of the negotiations, particularly the completion of the rulebook of the Paris Agreement. Renew Europe gave its full support to call on the EU to raise its Paris-pledge beyond the current commitment of at least 40% emissions reductions by 2030 to 55% (compared to 1990 levels).

The second resolution is declaring a climate and environmental emergency, making Europe the first continent to take this step, after various cities, regions and states have done so worldwide. MEPs are urging the Von der Leyen Commission to fully align all new legislative proposals with the objective of limiting global warming under 1.5 °C, while involving citizens and all sectors of society and the economy for an inclusive, fair and equitable transition.

Sciences-based climate action that supports competiveness, job creation and a high level standard of welfare were key criteria for Renew Europe, as the much awaited Green Deal should entail not only environmental but also our economic ambitions for the next decades.

Pascal Canfin, Chair of the Environment Committee, who initiated the resolution welcomed the adoption of the text:

"I am proud to have gathered a majority in the European Parliament to make Europe the first continent to declare a climate and environmental emergency.

We are today meeting the expectations of European citizens.

The fact that Europe is the first continent to declare climate and environmental emergency, just before COP25, when the new Commission takes office, and three weeks after Donald Trump confirmed the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, is a strong message sent to citizens and the rest of the world.

I will also be vigilant to ensure that the political proposals made in the coming weeks are in line with the urgency to find common solutions to the unfolding climate and environmental crisis, particularly in the context of the European Commission's Communication on the Green Deal early December."

Nils Torvalds, Renew Europe's ENVI Coordinator, and our delegate to the COP25 commented after the vote:

"Europe has to be the global leader in climate change! That requires from all European institutions commitments with profoundly credible approaches to all European and global challenges."


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